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Arica Monster,Dino dari Chile?

Hallo,aku mau bahas ttg Arica monster,coelurosaurian/ceratosaurian dari Chile.

Ups, salah...
baru bener...
Laporan koran tentang arica monster (copas):
The Star (Iquique) 4 August 2004
Translation; Scott Corrales
Strange creatures described as "dinosaur-like" and standing 2 meters (6 feet, 6 inches) tall have been seen in recent weeks in Pampa Acha, a small town 17 kilometers (10 miles) from the city of Arica in northern Chile.
The two strange creatures, described as small dinosaurs and with a physical appearance similar to that of a kangaroo, were reported by the occupants of a Terrano pickup truck between Iquique and Arica on Thursday night, July 30, 2004.
The vehicle's driver, Dario Riquelme, was traveling in the company of (Chilean) Army official Hernan Cuevas, his wife and two young children. According to his account, the situation which left the family rather nervous and confused, took place at 9:30 p.m. that evening. It happened in the Pampa Acha sector, only a few moments before passing the barrio Presencias Tutelares, 17 kilometers south of Arica.
Riquelme and his party left Iquique, just south of Chile's border with Peru, at 6 p.m. They were only a few minutes away from Arica and were holding a normal conversation when something strange darted in front of the vehicle.
"'My companion said, 'Look at that tremendous beast!' and I managed to hit the brakes. Then, after a few minutes, the second one ambled past, and it was even more startling because it was just like a dinosaur, walking on two legs. It had very noticeable thighs," Riquelme said.
According to the driver's description, the figures were grey and hairless. The second one, which crossed a few minutes later, was clearly seen by Riquelme, Hernan Cuevas and his 12-year-old daughter, Tania. They estimated the first creature's height at 2 meters (6 feet, 6 inches), thanks to the fact that the beast's distance from the vehicle at the moment it crossed was not more than 4 meters (13 feet). In the case of the second "animal", they said it was smaller. but they were able to see it clearly because it was a clear night and there was moonlight. However, what was most remarkable about both creatures was the speed at which they crossed the road and the strides they took.
Riquelme and Cuevas had gone to Arica to purchase a vehicle...But the strange event caused nervousness among Sr. Cuevas's wife and daughter. "The good thing is that when they started screaming, my companion and I didn't lose control and kept calm. Later we stopped to smoke a cigarette and walked around. From there I descended (drove) calmly to Arica, but I'm still nervous," explains the driver, who contacted (the Chilean newspaper) La Estrella (The Star) immediately after reaching the city.
Riquelme's account coincides with that of Hernan Cuevas, who is a recruiting officer with the Army.
"'When the first crossing occurred, I asked Dario if he had seen it, and he said yes. Then we started making comments as to what it might have been. Shortly after, another one walked by, shorter, but very similar to a dinosaur or a lizard running on two legs. Even my eldest daughter saw it and let out a scream," Cuevas said.
Twelve-year-old Tania stated that the creatures were very similar to a dinosaur and had small hands. Meanwhile, Sra. Cuevas almost didn't realize what was going on because she was paying attention to the couple's younger child, who was asleep.
Neither Riquelme nor Cuevas had ever experienced a similar situation and would not even compare it with descriptions of other creatures, such as the alleged Chupacabras that attack and exsanguinate (drain of blood) animals in their fields. But they still have not managed to find an explanation for what they saw Thursday night.
A new report involving the sighting of strange animals in the Pampa Acha sector was made known Monday, August 2, 2004, and coincides almost exactly with the one described Thursday by driver Dario Riquelme. The case involves the six members of the Abett de la Torre Diaz family, who live at Fuerte Baquedano, in the community of Pozo Almonte. All of them were traveling from their home to Arica two weeks ago, and, as they crossed the Pampa Acha sector, less than 20 kilometers (13 miles) from the city, near Presencias Tutelares, they were faced with four creatures they described at first as "dog- faced kangaroos" that moved slowly through the air. The event occurred at approximately 9 p.m. and left almost all of the family's members traumatized. The family consisted of Carlos Abett de la Torre, a (Chilean) Army non-commissioned officer, his wife Teresa (Diaz), their three children and a three-year-old nephew.

"I was traveling in the back seat with my brothers, talking, and suddenly everything went dark. Then I told my brother what I was seeing, and he told me to keep quiet because Mom gets nervous. Later I looked through the window and saw more things that looked like birds, with dogs' heads and backswept wings. My father said they were like gargoyles," explained Carmen Abett de la Torre, the couple's daughter.
Carmen added that she wasn't sure if the creatures had wings or legs, but then they moved them toward the rear. The height of the animals was calculated at 2 meters. Two of the beings "flew" over the vehicle; another two appeared, but this time darting in front of the vehicle.
'We were speechless for some 10 minutes, and my Mom told us to react, and then we started discussing what we had seen."
Teresa Diaz, Carmen's mother, was traveling in the front passenger seat beside her husband and was the one who saw the creature the clearest. Her impression was that these animals were moving slowly over the car first and then in front of it. However, they appeared to match the vehicle's speed, which was 100 kilometers per hour (60 miles per hour). The situation caused such nervousness among the whole family that all they wanted to do was get to Arica and forget the traumatic incident. Once in the city, they told their relatives what had happened.
"'Then we were terrified to go back," Teresa added, with regard to the day they were getting ready to return to their home in Fuerte Baquedano.
At the time of the strange encounter, the moonlight provided certain visibility, which as well as the similar (Riquelme) case made known last week, enabled the beast to be clearly seen. Furthermore, the animals did not go any further than 20 meters (66 feet) from the car in which the Abett de la Torre family was driving.
All of the family members agreed as to what they had seen. They were startled and nervous as a result of the sighting. None of them went public for fear of ridicule and mockery.
Carabinero (Chilean national police) members of the Cuya barracks stated that until now no one had approached them to report a similar event. However, they had heard of strange creatures being witnessed in the Pampa Acha sector from third parties. In any event, they added that they constantly patrol the road near the sector where the incident occurred. (See the Chilean newspaper La Estrella of Arica for August 1, 2004, "Strange creatures reported in Pampa Acha," and for August 3, 2004, "More strange creatures reported in Acha." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Claudio Ojeda y Liliana Nunez para estos articulos de diario.)
Ekspedisi yang serius nyariin dia baru Destination Truth.
Destination Truth sih baru menemukan:
  • Kaki(diduga bekas mangsa)
  • E2K (ga terlalu mungkin)
  • Jejak kaki (bisa aja dari berjuta2tahun lalu)
Ciri2 nya:
  • kulit yg keras
  • berkaki 2
  • ukuran se kanguru
  • bergigi tajam dan bercakar
AM suka hidup di wilayah yang punya sumber air,jadi waspadalah,sisir wilayah!Kalo keliatan lari,ngumpet,atau tembak kalo punya senapan! "IKLAN INI DISPONSORI OLEH PERBAKIN"

 para tersangka:


Maniraptora itu jenis dari dinosaurus Theropoda.
Tersangka dari maniraptoran menurut saya:
 Dromaeosauridae,Troodontidae,dan Alvarezsauridae.

Contoh Maniraptora yang hidup di Amerika Selatan :


2.Terror-Birds (Phorusrhacidae)
Terror Birds adalah burung kakatua pemangsa yang hidup setelah dino, secara morfologi mirip burung unta.

Rhea adalah jenis burung yang hidup di amerika selatan yg tidak bisa terbang.
Ada beberapa ceratosauria yang berukuran cukup kecil.

Okeh,tamat deh!

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